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Coyne College

Coyne was looking to both increase enrollment and brand themselves as the go-to tech college in the windy city. As a commuter school, Coyne was particularly interested in reaching people with convenient access to their campus via public transit.


CommuteStream continues to be a part of an overall campaign strategy to increase enrollment at Coyne College. The patterns found in our data revealed a higher response in the southern Chicago zip codes (1.24% CTR) compared to the northern zip codes (.90% CTR), a valuable insight for Coyne’s future marketing needs. To date Coyne has renewed this campaign for 15 consecutive months, yielding a 1.1% CTR.

Key Metrics

Impressions Delivered
Riders Reached
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Targeting Strategy

CommuteStream delivered two specialized banners to 3 areas of Chicago: the North, Central, and South zip codes.


Crafthouse Cocktails

Upon launch, Crafthouse needed to build brand awareness of their one-of-a-kind libations, and the physical locations where they could be sampled and purchased. Another goal was to reach transit riders traveling nearby, and direct them to Crafthouse’s mobile-ready location search page.


Mobile web traffic increased almost instantly — a direct result of the CommuteStream mobile ad platform. This increase in traffic remained consistent throughout the duration of the campaign, ending with a CTR of 1.7%, one of the highest to date.

Key Metrics

Impressions Delivered
Riders Reached
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Targeting Strategy

The various locations selling Crafthouse were widespread throughout the city. Custom geo-targeting was used to make an impact on transit riders that frequent the stops closest to these establishments.


Broadway Financial

Broadway Financial has been providing quality financial services to Illinois communities for over 65 years. They had been successfully reaching out to pubic transit riders for decades with traditional media. CommuteStream helped them turn up the dial.


Analytics data revealed some delightful insights into the efficacy of CommuteStream’s targeting platform. Pairing existing transit-OOH with CommuteStream’s targeted mobile banners generated new and substantial mobile response — generating more traffic than every other source combined.

Key Metrics

Impressions Delivered
Riders Reached
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Targeting Strategy

In collaboration with Broadway Financial, CommuteStream designed two mobile banners based on existing bus and train interior ads. A route-based mobile targeting strategy was implemented to match and complement Broadway’s existing transit ads.

Public Services
Public Services

UTA Hive Pass

CommuteStream recently partnered with Salt Lake City Corp. to help bring the Hive Pass to their local riders. The initiative aimed to make public transit more affordable and accessible to the local community.


As a transit-focused mobile ad network, our platform was an obvious choice. Salt Lake City Corp. experienced a 13% increase in mobile visitors looking for more info on the pass.

"A cost effective way to market to transit riders as opposed to traditional marketing on trains and buses. We look forward to working with CommuteStream in the future as our product evolves." ~ Blake Perez, Special Projects Analyst

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Targeting Strategy

We were targeting daily riders of the UTA, so we implemented a broad reach by selecting the entire agency.


Chicago Water Taxi

CommuteStream partnered with Chicago Water Taxi for a campaign highlighting their newest route. The new stop, Goose Island, is located at North Ave/Sheffield and started service on May 31st, 2016.

"With CommuteStream, we were able to target the exact commuters we needed to reach." ~ Andrew Sargis, Chief of Operations

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Targeting Strategy

Targeted CTA bus and train stops in the vicinity of their new boarding dock, and all routes that intersect with the immediate area.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps


Lyft wanted to drive app installs and activations for their ridesharing platform by focusing on the ‘First’ and ‘Last Mile’ legs of both inbound and returning Metra journeys. CommuteStream delivered.


After analyzing the initial two weeks of rider engagement, impression, and click-through data, we were able to optimize targeting and increase the CTR by an additional 0.27% for the remaining duration of the campaign. This gain led to a 94% increase in daily app installs and an 88% boost in overall conversions.

"CommuteStream allowed us to reach the exact segment we were going after, measurably -- no better way to synchronize mobile ads with traditional transit OOH." ~ Jean-Paul Biondi, Head of Marketing, Chicago

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Targeting Strategy

Targeting focused on reaching Metra riders that have at least one transfer between PACE /CTA and Metra.

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Here's what our customers are saying...

CommuteStream allowed us to reach the exact segment we were going after, measurably -- no better way to synchronize mobile ads with traditional transit OOH.
Jean-Paul BiondiLyft, Head of Marketing, Chicago
We saw our average app downloads double while we ran the campaign on CommuteStream.
Meghan FormanSears, Shop Your Way Local
Most of all it’s easy and the results are instant! Didn’t take longer than a day to have a customer walk with phone in hand asking about our deal. My favorite thing about CommuteStream is having total control of how much I plan to spend on my campaign and when to start rolling out our advert. Affordable, simple and a great tool for local business.
Francisco MelendezNothing Like It Smoke & Vape Shop
Managing our CommuteStream ad campaign is simple and effective from my phone, tablet, or that rare occasion when I’m in my office on the computer.
Jonathan PorterChicago Pizza Tours
Our restaurant is near a major train station, but just off the beaten track. CommuteStream got people in the door.
Tony KammatyFour Belly Asian Street Food
It’s an affordable way to reach young urban professionals during a time of the day that they actually have the mind-space to think about and plan leisure activities... Our CommuteStream campaign doubled our website traffic within 24hrs, and kept up the pace week-after-week.
Matt L.Crafthouse Cocktails
This is the best way we’ve found to reach hungry riders on their way home from work. It’s easy to setup and very effective.
Kishor DarjiSubway franchisee
CommuteStream is great to work with. They really understand our campaign goals and the way we want them communicated. The platform is very user friendly, and our rep is always ready when we have questions. Since running with CommuteStream our clients web traffic has increased.
Erin O’ReillyMichael Walters Advertising

Publishers of transit apps can earn up to 5x more revenue with CommuteStream

"Monetizing niche apps to their fullest potential isn't easy... CommuteStream pays tremendously more than any other network, and in addition to increasing overall revenue, the hyper-local banner ads enhance the user experience for our users."

Jason Shah

Chicago Transit Tracker
"CommuteStream pays substantially better than my other ad networks, but what I like is how the ads themselves improve the overall user experience. It effectively connects Transit Stop to the communities that it serves -- certainly not your typical ad network."

Jason Kramer

Transit Stop
"CommuteStream is the first network designed to deliver hyper-targeted ads to my unique set of users. Tens of thousands of people trust Routesy to get them to work on time each day, and showing the most relevant ads possible helps me honor that trust by providing a less distracting experience to my customers. The lucrative RPM and easy integration on top of my existing AdMob mediation setup makes CommuteStream a no-brainer for my app business.""

Steve Peterson

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