Our Team

Sam Pro, Co-Founder

Samuel Pro
Co-Founder and CEO

Samuel is a veteran entrepreneur with a strong background in engineering and problem solving. He is responsible for managing day-to-day operations, technical design and development, and long term business strategy. His considerable skill, understanding and expertise touches all aspects of the business.

David Rogers, Co-Founder / Product Manager

David Rogers
Co-Founder/Director of Product Development

David possesses a valuable skill-set which combines creative talent with strong technical ability. He is responsible for the design and development of user-facing aspects of CommuteStream, including apps, website, video production, and marketing collateral. David also serves as a valuable creative resource for our clients.

Tom Burdick, CTO

Tom Burdick

Tom’s obsession with efficiency and reliability is backed with a strong drive for innovation -- ensuring CommuteStream is always on the cutting edge of ad-tech. His vast experience and diverse background solving the most difficult of problems makes him the perfect technology leader.

Shane Younan - Account Executive

Shane Younan
Director of Sales and Marketing

Shane has knowledgeable experience in consumer sales and has been an essential part of our team. His ability to build and maintain business relationships helps cultivate new and exciting opportunities. Shane primarily assists in attracting new advertising clientele and other business partnerships.

Brad Evangelista - Business Development Rep.

Brad Evangelista
Account Executive

Brad brings a rare combination of friendliness, empathy and altruism to every customer interaction. He considers each advertiser a mutual partner, as well as a valuable addition to his ever-growing circle of friends and business associates. This inclusive approach plays a major role in fostering new and existing partnerships at CommuteStream.


CommuteStream continues to seek out and assemble a valuable advisory board to supplement its collective knowledge and experience.

Jim Roach

Jim Roach
Founding Partner, Hennessy & Roach, P.C.

Jim is a founding partner at Hennessy & Roach, P.C., a prominent Workers' Compensation Defense firm with offices in 5 states. He is an investor in CommuteStream, and a valuable mentor, providing insight both business and legal.

Mike Santoro - President, Walker Sands Communications

Mike Santoro
President, Walker Sands Communications

Mike leads the Chicago marketing, web design, SEO and PR firm, and has applied his expertise to assist a wide variety of Chicago- area, national and international companies. In the last five years Walker Sands clients have received 130M in venture capital funding, and has been part of 10 successful exits totaling close to a half billion dollars, one of which was a NYSE IPO. In his spare time, Mike blogs on integrated marketing tactics at Duct Tape Marketing, one of the Internet's most popular sales and marketing blogs.

Jason Shah

Jason Shah
CTO, Mediafly

Jason Shah, a “Flyer” since 2010, is responsible for cutting-edge product development and engineering at Mediafly. His duties include overseeing all elements of product development, platform and integration engineering, platform security, customer delivery, and product marketing. Jason brings a strong background in client engagement and software product management, having experience from Neuros Technology, Bain & Company, and Trilogy Software. He received his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his MBA from The University of Chicago.