Case Studies

Case Study: Enrolling Commuters


Coyne wanted to make a big impact on local Chicago residents, primarily targeting potential new students. They were looking to both increase enrollment and brand themselves as the go-to tech college in the windy city. As a commuter school, Coyne was particularly interested in reaching people with convenient access to their campus via public transit.


CommuteStream delivered two specialized banners to 3 areas of Chicago: the North, Central, and South zip codes. Tight monitoring of analytics enabled us to further optimize the campaign’s targeting to the areas responding best to each banner.

Day-parting was applied to ensure banners reached riders during the morning and afternoon hours only. By rotating multiple creatives weekly, the content remained fresh and the CTR stayed high.


CommuteStream was part of an overall campaign strategy to increase enrollment at Coyne College. The patterns found in our data revealed a higher response in the southern Chicago zip codes (1.24% CTR) compared to the northern zip codes (.90% CTR), a valuable insight for Coyne’s future marketing needs. To date Coyne has renewed this campaign for 5 consecutive months, yielding a 1.01% CTR.

  • 1,500,000+ Impressions Delivered
  • 129,189 Riders Reached
  • 15,891 Clicks
  • 1.0% CTR
  • 5+ Months Running
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