Case Studies

Case Study: Transit-Mobile OOH Pairing


To successfully link mobile advertising to an existing, transit OOH campaign for both Broadway Financial and partner company Devon Financial. The client’s primary goal was to strengthen brand identity in the minds of Chicago commuters who might be considering a loan.


Deliver mobile ads to commuters prior to their boarding a train or bus with a matching OOH ad. Our technology allows this tight pairing of transit OOH and mobile.

Day-parting was used to ensure the ads were reaching a variety of commuters throughout the day, with an ad for each business covering both the morning and afternoon commute.


Sampling the second month of Broadway/Devon’s Google Analytics data revealed some delightful insights into the efficacy of CommuteStream’s targeting platform.

In the case of Broadway/Devon Financial, pairing transit OOH with CommuteStream’s targeted mobile banners generated new and substantial mobile traffic.

CS mobile banners generated more traffic than every other source combined.

  • 542,400+ Impressions Delivered
  • 58,870 Riders Reached
  • 5,713 Clicks
  • 1.05% CTR
  • 19 Weeks Running (as of Oct 15th)
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