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How CommuteStream Lifted Lyft

When CommuteStream partnered with Lyft in Chicago, we had one goal: drive app installs and activations on their ridesharing platform.

Our strategy was to target riders coming into and leaving Chicago for the ‘First’ and ‘Last Mile’ of their commute. We focused on Metra riders that have at least one transfer to the CTA daily.

We ran the campaign broadly for two weeks, collecting data and analyzing rider engagement, impressions, and click-through rates. With this information, we were able to optimize targeting and increase CTR by an additional 0.27%.

For this campaign, our optimizations led to a 94% increase in daily app installs and an 88% boost in overall conversions.

As the first transit-mobile ad network, CommuteStream has created a new type of transit media that reaches local riders directly on their smartphones with targeted and relevant advertising that is custom to their daily commute. Let us help make your advertising stand out to the riders you care about most. Learn more at commutestream.com.

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