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Making Transit Awesome in San Francisco

CommuteStream has the pleasure of partnering with San Francisco Transit Riders. SFTRU fights for an excellent, affordable, and growing public transit system in San Francisco. We are proud to help further their cause to local MUNI riders.

SFTRU’s campaign is using our technology to reach riders using the 8 Bay Shore Bus line, and surveying them on how their specific commute could be improved.


They are getting their message across in a fully trackable way, enjoying an exceptional 4.0% CTR just one week into the campaign. We’re looking forward to ramping up and optimizing this campaign!

Learn more about SFTRU here.

CommuteStream aims to redefine the public transit experience and how businesses interact with riders. CS makes affordable mobile products that are highly targeted and scalable — specializing in driving foot traffic to locations near and around public transit. By learning the travel patterns of riders, we match individuals with the most relevant ads.

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