Our Technology

Geo-Targeting on Mass Transit

Most geo-based ad networks use only the device's current location to inform ad delivery. This simply isn't effective for riders on the go. Our technology analyzes travel patterns, user preferences, and agency data, to deliver personalized, geo-relevant content and advertising. Our goal is simple; deliver ads that riders actually want to see.

Predictive Geo-Targeting™

  1. Our technology predicts the future locations of individual riders.
  1. For even better targeting, we determine final destinations and ETAs.
  1. User preferences and history help us serve only the most relevant deals, events, and other ads.

Traditional Geo-Targeting (Proximity/Geo-Fencing)

  1. Users are targeted with no consideration of their daily routine or intended destination.
  1. Nearby ads delivered to someone on the go makes little sense.
  1. By the time an ad is delivered to their device, they are already somewhere else.